How to Manage Senior Aggression and Agitation


A bad day can trigger aggressive behavior. Unfortunately, for seniors with dementia, aggression and agitation happen along with the progression of the disease. It is painful to see our loved ones in such a state but we need to be strong and compose ourselves. As the caregiver, we are the ones who can help them. Your Caregivers in Washington parish are here to provide the support you need.

There are many techniques for the caregiver to try and calm down the patient. It is important to note that each person will have a different response to a suggestion. The caregiver should pay close attention to what works to manage future bouts.

  • Music therapy can be used to induce a calmer or happier atmosphere.
    Listening to your favorite tunes can release happy hormones in the brain. These triggers happy feelings in the body. Calming sounds can also ease the tension.
  • Using scents such as lavender can provide a calming sensation for the body.
    Aromatherapy can be used to improve sleep which can decrease agitation and restlessness. Preferred smells can trigger happy memories.
  • A gentle human touch should not be underestimated but this should be done with caution.
    The aggressive senior is suffering from worries and they need a sense of security. When approached by the right person, a soft rub or hand pat can help them feel reassured.

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